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Wicked good



Things I'm confident in:

Logos + Branding

Branding Guidelines

Web Design

*Thanks Chuck is part of the Wix Partner Program!


Design Systems



Pitch Decks / Presentations

Slide Decks

Direct Mailers


Data Visualisations

Brochures + Invites

Signage / Environmental

Social Media Templates

Business Cards/Collateral

Digital Ads

Digital Marketing Campaigns

Trade Show Booths/Banners



Merch + Swag Design

Emails + Email Graphics 


Things I'd be concerned about doing (but would still do for you) :

Fighting any wild animal larger than myself. Or smaller, quite frankly. 

Cooking Scallops for Gordon Ramsey


Landing a plane after the everyone mysteriously disappeared like some episode of The Twilight Zone

Writing an email without a single smiley face

Brushing a Moose's teeth

Sending back a meal even though it was completely wrong

Singing the anthem for the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs

Ready to talk about a project?

Or maybe you're just feeling froggy and want to talk about an idea or vision? Either way...

Check meow't

Hey there, I'm Charlie Martin, the creative mind behind Thanks Chuck – your friendly neighborhood graphic and web designer! With over 8 years of experience in the world of design, I've had the pleasure of crafting captivating graphics, digital wonders, and stunning print designs.


My passion lies in creating visuals that leave a lasting impression, and I'm all about clean lines and impactful designs that grab attention. Whether it's a sleek logo, a user-friendly website, or a comprehensive brand design, I thrive on bringing your visions to life.


From graphic design to print design, web design to UX/UI – I've got a whole toolkit of skills to cater to your creative needs. Thanks Chuck is here to make your design dreams come true. Let's get started on making your brand stand out in the digital landscape!

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Addie Caulk-Derr

Strategic Marketing Leader | Vice President Marketing at Keen Decision Systems

Charlie is an incredible designer and brand strategist. They collaborate brilliantly across functions and teams and can break up complex ideas into stunning illustrations/infographics with ease. I've had the honor of working with Charlie not once but twice, both times in a management capacity. Each time I've been impressed by the expansiveness of Charlie's creativity, the lack of ego around feedback, and the can-do attitude no matter what crazy project is in front of them. Charlie excels in both a corporate and a start-up environment. They are fast and efficient, and constantly deliver applause-worthy work. I highly, highly recommend Charlie's hilarious wit, creative genius and stellar humanness. What a true joy it is to work with them.

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