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Duane Dufault

Client: Small Business  |   Start: 2022   |   Layout design, Branding, Data Viz, Marketing Assets

Duane Dufault is the owner of - where he sells Saas Experience; user lead onboarding journeys, mapping out buying habits, optimizing lead flows based on numerous variables, builds Partner Programs, and more. One thing was missing though - brand guidelines! 

We worked on a few key brand items over the course of a crunched timeline - an essential Metric Management Playbook to act as a lead gen tool hosted on the webpage. I was happy to throw in a quick write up of brand guidelines, so Dufault can go forward confidently representing his brand across all platforms consistently. Once the eBook was shipped, we agreed that paid ads were essential for advertising the new downloadable asset, so I quickly worked up multiple options! 

Simple brand guidelines for a consistent tone

SellingSaas did not have a guideline established upon the project commencement - so as a quick freebie I decided to lay out the colours and typefaces I noticed being consistently used in an easy to reference guide-page. I also felt that to create a more dynamic brand, we needed to add a contrasting colour to the blue and grey hues I was seeing - what better contrast to blue than yellow? I sprinkled in this secondary colour throughout the eBook and ads for pops of fun and visual intrigue. 

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