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Hey there!

I'm Charlie Martin, the creative mind behind Thanks Chuck – your friendly nomadic brand and web designer! With over 9 years of experience in the world of design, I've had the pleasure of crafting numerous brand stories, identities, and cohesive websites. Through in-depth research processes, I hone in on your brand story and target audience to create something unique to you while positioning you at the forefront of your ideal clients!

If you're interested in the journey we'll take over the next few weeks, keep scrolling for a process overview. I'm also happy to walk you through via a free intro call as we talk about your needs!


Stage 01 Free Intro Sync

For step one we'll have a "get to know you" chat over a video call, the aim here is to make sure we're a good fit and for me to explain how my process works.

Stage 02 Onboarding

Your onboarding process will be smooth and simple - with the ability to ask questions along the way! You'll be invited to your personal Client Portal, which houses the entire project and allows full transparency along the way. 

Stage 03 Creative Direction

This stage houses more than one step. They include strategy calls and presentations where I provide critical information that will help your new brand stand out. We'll identify your target audience and a number of ofther factors.

Sound like something you're ready for?

Stage 04 Brand Reveal

Once all the other steps are completed, I'll combine all the important nuggets of information we've gathered into a clean brand that reflects who you are and what you do! Revisions are built into this and we can always customize your experience. 


Stage 05 Touchpoints

By stage 5, you will have fully approved your brand! YAY That's so exciting! Now that we have these foundations laid, I'll be able to iterate and spread that brand across various touchpoints - places where your clients interact with your brand like social media and your website.

Final Step Offboarding

It’ll seem like we just began! Once you’ve approved everything, and all the extras have been signed off on, it’ll be time to offboard. Don’t worry - it’s a smooth process. You'll receive all of your branded assets in usable and working formats as well as all touchpoint we agreed on. 

This is truly the best part of my job - handing over all of your brand elements, ready to face the world!

Sound like something you're ready for?

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